Jul 16, 2014 9:13AM

Rihanna Tweets #FreePalestine And Then Amends It

Tweet, then delete.
Rihanna followed in the recent footsteps of rappers Waka Flocla Flame and French Montana overnight, when she sent out a tweet to her 36 million Twitter followers saying, "#FreePalestine." Given the Israel-Hamas cease-fire fell apart last night and the Palestinian death toll continues to rise dramatically, the tweet was timely but it wasn't without protestation. Whether Twitter-troll Rihanna herself thought better of it, or a member of her Roc Nation management team put the kibosh on her new-found tweet-ivism — the tweet was gone by morning. 
Naturally, Twitter users freaked out and started excusing Rihanna of being fake, easily lead or fearful of debate. In a much more diplomatic tweet this morning, Rihanna replaced the previous one with a shot of a Palestinian and Israeli boy walking arm in arm and the message "Let's pray for peace and a swift end to the Israeli-Palestianian conflict! Is there any hope?…." Good save, gal. And it's a damn good question. *Sigh*
P.S. Last October it was reported in Haartez that performing in Tel Aviv, Rihanna changed the lyrics of 'Pour It Up' from "All I see is dollar signs," to "All I see is Palestine," but the newspaper later issued a retraction.