Mar 18, 2015 10:43AM

R.I.P Internet Explorer And All The Other Outdated Technology We Miss

Feat. MSN, Geocities and Encarta 'Mindmaze'.

It is with a heavy heart today that we report the death of Internet Explorer, the Microsoft browser that defined our early forays into the World Wide Web. Microsoft's marketing chief Chris Capossela has revealed that the company is currently working on a new web browser, codenamed Project Spartan, which will replace IE on our computers (but not in our hearts!) in the future.

In tribute to the sad demise of this browser, here are some other old skool internet/tech things that we're feeling nostalgic for. 

MSN Messenger (1999-2012)

Before smartphones, there was MSN. Before emojis, there were MSN emoticons. If you've ever typed "A/S/L", you know what we're talking about. The worst part was using MSN on a dial-up modem, which meant you had to sign out when your mum wanted to use the phone. :(

Encarta (1999-2008)

Hands up who copied entire Encarta entries into their primary school assignments? It was like Wikipedia, but instead of being online, it came on a bunch of CDs. And do you remember MindmazeMindmaze was the best.

Geocities (1994-2009)

Were you WiLD 4 The BACKSTREET BOYS? All you had to do was register a Geocities account and you could express your love for Nick Carter and co on a black background with photos edited in Paint to your heart's content.

You will be missed. And if you really want to get into some heavy 90s nostalgia, we recommend watching this truly amazing educational video, teaching kids about "riding on the internet." 

R.I.P Internet Explorer, and your peers.

Images: Tumblr

Nadia Bailey