Feb 25, 2017 7:30AM

RIP Ren Hang: Brilliant Photographer, Poet, Human

Gone too soon.
Chinese photographer and constant boundary pusher Ren Hang has passed away in Berlin this morning, at just 29 years old. The news first came from friends of the artist, who began to pay tribute to him through social media. 
It was then officially confirmed by gallerist Dries Roelens, who runs the space stieglitz19 where Ren's work is being exhibited right now. "Ren Hang, RIP, poet, photographer, magician…." he wrote on his personal Facebook page, soon posting a similar message from the gallery.
There has been no official news of the cause of death, though Dutch publication De Morgen reports that his "entourage sources" claim it was suicide.
Ren will be remembered for his magical photography and its unique sense of humour, his perpetual battle with censorship in his home country, and the silent moments of sorrow found between lines of his poetry.

Hayley Morgan