Apr 22, 2015 5:00PM

RIP Tinkerbell, Paris Hilton's Best Friend

You were so much cooler than your owner.

Perhaps the most redeeming fact about Paris Hilton and one that (like her personal brand) has stayed true over all these years is her love for dogs. Today, Paris and dog lovers everywhere are mourning the death of her first and most famous puppy Tinkerbell.

Paris posted the following picture of Tink on instagram this morning, along with the caption:

My heart is broken I am so sad & devastated. After 14 amazing years together my baby Tinkerbell has passed away of old age. I feel like I've lost a member of my family. She was such a special & incredible soul. We went through so much together. I can't believe she's gone. I will miss her & think about her for the rest of my life. I love you Tinky, you are a Legend & will never be forgotten. #RIPTinkerbell 

Ever since Tinkerbell stole our hearts on The Simple Life she's been hanging out with Paris Hilton and making Paris Hilton seem cool. We would like to pay tribute to Tinkerbell on this sad day by remembering all the times she was better than her owner...

1. That time you did Paris Hilton better than Paris Hilton:

2. That time you were better at choosing friends than Paris:

3. That time Paris Hilton won an award because of you:

4. That time you wore it better *cough* everytime *cough*. 

5. That time Paris broke our hearts when she bought a dog that looked exactly like you, but wasn't you, and called it Peter Pan, and then tagged herself in all his instagram photos. 

6. That time Paris' fans wanted to see you more than her:


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7. That time you outmodelled Paris.

8. That time you were actually the star of The Simple Life, even though Nicole Richie's bra tried to outshine you:

9. That time you wrote a book and Paris tried to make it all about her:

10. That time you were the star of SNL.


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11. That time you let Paris talk for you even though she's not funny at all.


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Photos: @parishilton

Lucy Jones