Dec 01, 2014 11:37AM

Robert Pattinson: Secret Death Grips Guitar Player

Who would have thought that the guy from Twilight would end up being widely considered not only a legitimate actor, but also kind of rad. Robert Pattinson aka FKA twigs' main boi has come a long way in terms of street cred recently and now this. It seems that their was a reason R-Patz was photographed with Beyonce and hip hop/punk boys Death Grips last year, before they broke up (RIP). He was playing guitar for them. 
Government Plates got its physical release over the weekend and as a Reddit user pointed out Pattison is credited on the liner notes, because he played guitar on the track 'Birds'. Apparently Zach Hill recorded his guitar playing via iPhone and then the band sampled the recording on the song. Now let's listen to 'Birds' again with a whole new level of appreciation.
Photo: Tumblr