Sep 05, 2014 10:11AM

Romance Was Born Exhibition For Kids At NGV

Won't somebody please think of the children?!

Romance Was Born are taking one more crazy step on their path to complete world domination in both the art and fashion realms. Aussie veterans of exuberant fashion, designers Luke Sales and Anna Plunket are brilliant at dipping their toe in every pool of design, and now they've designed their first exhibition specifically for kids, to open at the National Gallery of Victoria in October.

Express Yourself: Romance Was Born for Kids combines all the eclectic colours and creative feelz that Romance have made their signature and aims to create an arena where children can learn more about their own potential creativity. 
"The immersive spaces that we are developing will encourage visitors and children particularly to engage with art and design in new and surprising ways," says Plunkett. 
If the sydney-duos bold designs and psychedelic runway shows are any indication, we're guessing this exhibition is bound to beat a trip to your closest McDonalds playground. Don't worry — big kids are also accepted. Entry is free and you can catch the exhibition 17 Oct 2014 - 22 Mar 2015.