Mar 09, 2016 1:14PM

Rowan Blanchard Drops Wisdom On The Kim Kardashian Nude Selfie Situation

U mad?

Lil legend Rowan Blanchard has emerged as the voice of reason in this whole Kim Kardashian nude selfie thing. ICYMI, Kimmy K posted a picture to Instagram yesterday (below) that only passed its strict no-nudity laws by way of two strategically placed two black bars. This being the world we live in, a whole lot of people felt the need to voice their opinions on Kim's body, her choice to reveal her body, and what her body signifies in society today. 

But it wasn't just randos in the comments section digging in — a whole lot of other, also famous people got on the socials to air their thoughts and feelings. This included:

Bette Midler giving sass:

Chloë Grace Moretz worrying about the youth:

And Miley Cyrus channelling middle school and just wanting everyone to get along:

But it was Rowan's response that really nailed the whole thing. With only 2% battery life left, Row penned an open letter that drew attention to the power politics of leaked nudes versus consentual ones:

Wherever you fall on the spectrum of this clearly very divisive issue, one thing is clear — Kim sure knows how to get a conversation started. And having open, challenging communication between women is the way we'll all move forward in our thinking. 

Photos: Instagram