Jun 06, 2015 10:38AM

Sage And Sophie: A Love Story, Shot By Darren Ankenman


Sophie Koella and Sage Elsesser are on a life adventure together. The very cute couple go on dates involving skating and trips to the museum, from East Hampton in New York to the Grove in L.A, and know all about each other's spirit animals. We asked the young lovers to introduce each other, and here's what they said...


What was your first impression of Sage?
He's really handsome and gentlemanly.

Best memory together?
My last trip to New York. Sage and I spent my last day there running around like crazy! We got breakfast, took a Jitney to East Hampton and back to the city, then got dinner with some of his good friends. We spent the rest of the night at his sister's apartment, goofing off and packing all my stuff... So many things happened that day, I can't explain it all. It was most definitely an adventure! Regardless, it was a really happy and memorable day for the both of us.

What's Sage's secret talent?
Not sure if these are "secret" but he can jump mad high... He's also a very talented artist!

What's Sage's favourite movie?
The Shawshank Redemption

What's Sage's most annoying habit?
Ha, he naps too much.

What's Sage's spirit animal?
Tortoise — wise and chill.

What's Sage's idea of a perfect day?
Sleeping in, going to a museum, kicking it with his closest friends, and either painting or going out to skate afterwards!


What was your first impression of Sophie?
Beautiful young lady...

Best memory together?
First day we hung out. Talked for hours. 

What's Sophie's secret talent?
Shawty can sing...

What's Sophie's favourite movie?
The Intouchables.

What's Sophie's most annoying habit?
"Gulping" water.

What's Sophie's spirit animal?
Spirit, the majestic horse.

What's Sophie's idea of a perfect day?
Hitting the Grove with matching "BAE" snapbacks.

Photos: Darren Ankenman

Nadia Bailey