Nov 22, 2011 12:00AM

Sara Phillips High Summer 11/12 Lookbook

Damn, break me off a piece of that waratah.

Australia is a harsh land, girt by sea and filled with sunburnt plains, which you already know from all those years of being forced to sing the national anthem at school. But that aside, it's not often you find yourself thinking 'damn, break me off a piece of that waratah tree, I wanna make a print out of that and fashion me a frock'. Then again, that seems to be precisely what Sara Phillips was thinking when she designed her new High Summer 11/12 collection.

A relatively new designer on the block, Phillips has some pretty mad skills, continually serving up clothes that are a little bit sexy, a little bit cheeky and a lot Australian. The new collection, Natural Law, takes inspiration from the great Aussie outback, using prints of banksia, bottle brush and waratah flowers, and even throws some snakes, frogs and lizards into the mix. The pieces even take their names from Aussie idiom - there's a Sheila and a Gumnut dress, and even a Possum top.

The garments, crafted from linen, cotton and silk, even manage to make those washed-out colours of the Australian landscape, (looking at you nudes, greens and greys), much less eye-glazing by offsetting them with brighter tones of pink, blue and orange. This is a new reason to call yourself a nature-lover.