Feb 08, 2016 10:53AM

Sarah Michelle Gellar To Possibly (Please) Star In 'Cruel Intentions' Spin Off


Your girl Buffy aka Sarah Michelle Gellar is in talks to reprise her role as disturbed queen Kathryn Merteuil from 90s masterwork Cruel Intentions. Yes! THIS. Sarah's second most baller role saw her get up to a whole lot of sassy/saucy stuff with her stepbrother/IRL angel Ryan Phillippe (a couple that we'd literally die to see reunite on screen).

SMG is currently reading the script for the film's TV series sequel, which has been picked up by NBC. Let's hope that, against all odds, she'll say yes and the show will be as terribly amazing as the OG movie.

Tbh, they'd have to reprise the entire cast and reuse the entire soundtrack for it to even come close to the film that featured such highlights as:

Pacey as a camp weed dealer with a very solid 90s bleach job. 

The fantastic use of one of the most heartbreaking songs ever.

And so many over the top/great lines.

PS: Special shout out to whoever Photoshopped this together.

Via Deadline

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Lucy Jones