Jan 22, 2014 11:01AM

See The 'Girls' Apartment Floor Plans

Plus relive the Marnie fail from this week's episode.

We're already three episodes into the third season of Girls and our mania has not yet subsided. It probably never will. From the show's secret world of wardrobe to pretty much anything Lena Dunham has to say, it's fair to say we're obsessed. To fuel this creepy, borderline stalker fire, we now bring you the character's floor plans, direct from the show's production designer Laura Ballinger Gardner.

Take a virtual walk through Hannah and Marnie's shared flat, Adam's (pre-living with Hannah) dank, semen-filled bachelor pad, Charlie's studio (we hardly knew ye!) and Shoshanna's Soho apartment. You can also compare the sketches to the final sets that appear in the show over at Laura's website if that's your thing. We know it is. 

And a bonus video for anyone who's seen this week's episode and needs to relive Marnie's genius YouTube embarrassment. Such relevant lyrics.


Photos: Laura Ballinger / I Javier Ameijeiras