Aug 27, 2014 12:01PM

See Unpublished Images By Corinne Day

Never-before-seen photos released from stylist Tara St Hill.

Corinne Day is an icon of photography, fashion and excess. The British photographer and documentary maker took everyone's favourite images of Kate Moss (after being the one to discover her) and left a huge legacy when she died of a brain tumour in 2010. Her work is being celebrated in May The Circle Remain Unbroken, a book dedicated to her memory.

The images are mostly unpublished works including this just-released series from stylist and friend Tara St Hill and the photographer's husband Mark Szaszy. Day was well-known for her documentary style of photography, taking many a risque shot of her friends partying, doing drugs and going at it. These shots are tamer, sure, but still underline her talent for capturing the essence of her subjects effortlessly. Take a look through the images above. 

Photos: Corinne Day