Mar 06, 2014 12:01PM

Seinfeld's Apartment Via Virtual Reality

A diehard fan has recreated the legendary flat.
Sitcom that defined the 90s and go-to lens through which to explore social phenomena, Seinfeld has no shortage of fans. One time, a sports anchor included 41 Seinfeld references into a five-minute, otherwise ball-centric program. When Jerry submitted his mind and soul to an 'Ask Me Anything' segment recently, questions came hard and fast; enthusiasm levels were #offchain. Unsurprising, being that Jerry is a timeless and rare relic and one we shan't ever tire of. George too, while we're at it:
Now one particularly devoted and very intelligent fan, Greg Miller, has recreated Jerry's apartment for the impending virtual reality headset, Oculus Rift. When existing screen caps on the internet were inadequate references (to building the address Apartment 5A at 129 W81st St, NYC) Greg turned to fastidiously scouring through the show's back catalogue and designing the space from the ground up. "I came up with the idea of recreating Jerry's apartment, in its entirety for virtual reality," his website says. "Television is virtual reality in some ways. We make believe that Jerry's place is actually a Manhattan studio and Monks Cafe is just down the street. We suspend the reality that his apartment is just a set in Hollywood, with tons of cameras and lighting dangling overhead. I thought it would be a novel virtual reality experience to take a place that only exists in Hollywood magic, and make it for the Oculus Rift as if it were real."
Here's a virtual walkthrough of the familiar setting (soon* to become even more familiar):
*Date of Oculus Rift release and subsequently, Seinfeld apartment immersion, TBC. Meanwhile, you could maybe binge-watch all nine seasons once again, for expertise in this area can always be enhanced.