Oct 30, 2013 11:08AM

Selfies At Funerals

YOLO, literally.

If Sick Sad World, (the sensationalist news program from Daria) was a real thing, it would definitely do a feature on this here trend. Selfies at funerals. It's a phenomenon that's exactly what it sounds like and it's been lovingly archived for all time on Tumblr

There's nothing like a 'funeral selfie' to showcase the grossest, vainest and weirdly removed-from-real-life (RFRL) parts of the Gen Y psyche. With captions like "love my hair today, hate why I'm dressed up #funeral" and "depressing funeral selfie #sadday," this might be the best slash most completely insane thing we've ever seen. Here's some highlights: 
Do you even lift (caskets)?
Sad about Nanna, but how perfect are my curls today? :P
Rocking out via sadness.
Yeah, hilarious. Good one.
Sure you 'didn't realise', guy.