Mar 26, 2012 12:00AM

Seneca Crane's Beard Appreciation Post

Five fun facts about this captivating facial hair masterpiece!

We would like to take this opportunity to formalise our appreciation for the mystery and wonder that is the beard of Seneca Crane, Head Gamemaker of the 74th Hunger Games. Nearly everything about The Hunger Games lived up to the hype, sure, but it is Seneca Crane's beard that has captured the imagination of thousands upon kazillions of moviegoers and internet-dwellers. For the few of you who have not seen the film or been on Tumblr in the past couple of weeks, here are five fun facts about this captivating facial hair masterpiece.

FACT 1) Seneca Crane's beard took several hours to create and was designed freehand. Make-up artist Ve Neill has admitted that it was Seneca's (Bentley's) magnificent blue eyes that inspired the beard. "The beard frames them so delicately," she said. "[The beard] is truly the icing on the cake ... I started by hand painting the design into his beard without even sketching it out beforehand; I knew the design would assert itself once I started the process." Read the rest of the interview with the master sculptress to find out how to get the look (hint, it's not easy).

FACT 2) Seneca Crane's beard has a Facebook page with 13,561 likes and 7,434 "talking about this", an impressive statistic indeed. [Data as of March 26, 2012.]

See some fans attempt the look:

FACT 3) Seneca Crane's beard has attracted the attention of none other than Wes Bentley, the actor who portrayed the bearer of said beard. He recorded this special message for it:

FACT 4) Wes Bentley is a very handsome physical specimen indeed.

FACT 5) You too can Put A Beard On It! Simply download this .png file courtesy of Slate Magazine and get to it.

To celebrate the existence of Seneca Crane's beard, we thought we'd look back at some of the most memorable beards in recent cinema. (Special allowance is made for one moustache due to it being simply too sublime to ignore).

Emily Royal