Jun 11, 2014 11:53AM

Sephora To Finally Give Australia Competitively Priced Beauty Products

Sephora promises to price-match US stores.

Anyone who has travelled out of Australia knows its power, its lure, its deadly consequences for bank accounts: Sephora. The name alone (which sounds not unlike a libidinous Game Of Thrones lady of Dorne) invokes so many desires and distant memories of overweight luggage full to bursting with hair care, lipstick and perfumes. And now, in what is probably the best business decision ever made, the beauty superstore is going to be opening its doors in Sydney - by the end of this year.

The store is set to open in Sydney's Pitt Street Mall, with the added music-to-our-ears bonus of matching the US prices, according to reports. This could mean big things for beauty product pricing countrywide.

The store will stock over 200 brands and the company says there is scope for up to 20 Sephora stores in the country. Cue confetti cannons and standing ovation.

Main image via Sephora blog