May 22, 2014 10:36AM

Seth Rogen Teaches Snoop Dogg To Roll The Perfect Cross Joint

Friends that blaze together, stayz together.

The world's least convincing female impersonator Seth Rogen will star in an upcoming episode of Snoop Dogg's essential Youtube "news" series GGN (AKA 'Double G News'), which has previously featured guest appearances by Azealia Banks, RZA and Pharrell, to name a few.

According to the Instagram account of Snoop's production team, in this episode Rogen schools his noted bud buddy Snoop in the art of cross joint craftsmanship, which is a pretty shocking public relations exercise - for Snoop, who you'd think would have reached Jedi-status in cross joint rolling as the most famous marijuana ambassador since Cheech & Chong.

The episode will hit GGN soon, but in case you can't wait till then...

Photo: Snoop Dogg's Facebook page