Nov 28, 2014 9:50AM

Shia LaBeouf: I Was Raped During My #IAMSORRY Exhibition

The actor does a one hour silent interview.
Aimee Cliff is a Dazed writer who recently engaged in a one-hour-long silent interview with actor Shia LaBeouf — the pair facing each other with GoPros on their head. The interaction came about after a few months of emailing, in which the actor is asked about his #IAMSORRY exhibition in LA and "the connection between performances of physical fitness and metamodernism." Shia also tells a story about being raped during his silent art installation and it sounds deeply traumatic. Here's what he said:
"One woman who came with her boyfriend, who was outside the door when this happened, whipped my legs for ten minutes and then stripped my clothing and proceeded to rape me. There were hundreds of people in line when she walked out with dishevelled hair and smudged lipstick. It was no good, not just for me but her man as well. On top of that my girl was in line to see me, because it was Valentine’s Day and I was living in the gallery for the duration of the event – we were separated for five days, no communication. So it really hurt her as well, as I guess the news of it travelled through the line. When she came in she asked for an explanation, and I couldn’t speak, so we both sat with this unexplained trauma silently. It was painful."

The artist has had a troubled year post-plagiarism accusations — walking out of press conferences, appearing with a bag on his head and getting arrested. On the subject of meeting with Aimee in person wearing GoPros, Shia said, "So I'm present in the magazine only in words obtained digitally, and online I'm present only through a mute physical presence and the reality of my self lies somewhere between and beyond the two. It's thoroughly metamodern I think."