May 21, 2013 6:04PM

Oyster Fashion: 'Hip Hop Astrid' Shot by Gadir Rajab & Styled by Mark Vassallo

Home boyz and home girlz, Givenchy, Nike, Christian Dior and more.

Bouncy. Back in the dayz. Chillen' at Gadir's crib on Oxford St, taking pics of a few new fresh faces. Home boyz and home girlz. I pulled together some of my favourite pieces from a few of my favourite stores in town, new label Since Day, new favourite label Grand Scheme, and Givenchy high tops. Yeah boy, super happy.

Photography/video: Gadir Rajab
Fashion: Mark Vassallo 
Fashion Assistant: Monique Santos
Izabel Caligiore
Models: Astrid @ IMG, Rob and Marcus @ Priscilla's

Mark Vassallo