Apr 24, 2012 2:58PM

Victoria’s Secret Catalogue 1979

A blast from the past.

Nestled somewhere between amazing and kind of weird, an old Victoria’s Secret catalogue has been dug up from 1979 — a time when the breasts were large and Photoshop was non-existant. Ignore the mental comparison you’re currently making between their house and your grandparents’ and just appreciate the three bachelorettes pictured; who’s hobbies include sitting close together in various rooms, collecting oriental rugs and plastic palm tress, not wearing clothes and hanging out with their dog. Despite the ‘awkward family photos’ effect, you can’t deny that the lighting, pre-Raphaelite composition and unique aesthetic of the photo shoot, makes for some seriously re-bloggable viewing.

Now compare to a modern-day Victoria's Secret swimsuit catalogue...

Via Fashionising