Mar 31, 2016 11:25AM

Sofia Coppola's Next Project Will Star Kirsten Dunst & Elle Fanning


Aside from directing Netflix's festive season sing-a-long A Very Murray Christmas, things have been pretty quiet from Sofia Coppola lately. So we're psyched to hear that she's got a very well-cast new project in the works. Soph is working on a remake of the 1971 film The Beguiled that's set to star Coppola-faves/actual angels Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning, as well as our very own Nicole Kidman. 

Set in the Civil War era, the OG film is a Southern Gothic starring Clint Eastwood as Yankee soldier John McBurney. Injured in the war, he's rescued from the verge of death by a twelve-year-old girl from an all-girl boarding school in Louisiana. His arrival in this female-dominated atmosphere causes a whole lot of melodrama, as basically everyone falls in love with him and competes for his affections — with ultimately fatal results. 

According to reports, Elle Fanning is on board to play the young student, Kirsten Dunst will play one of the instructors, and Nicole Kidman will take on the role of the school's headmistress. The film will start shooting this year, but the male lead is yet to be cast. Fingers crossed for Bill Murray. 

Photos: YouTube, @Somewhere

Nadia Bailey