Jan 29, 2016 11:50AM

Some Legend Is Petitioning For Snoop Dogg To Narrate 'Planet Earth'

What is these animals?

Little can compare to the joy of spending a Sunday afternoon slothing it up on the couch, with a pizza slice in hand and Planet Earth on the telly, letting David Attenborough's magnificent voice soothe whatever it is that ails you. While Sir David is the undisputed king when it comes to narrating, the only thing that could possibly add to the ~Planet Earth experience~ is a season narrated by Snoop d-o-double-g. And that's something that could (hopefully) happen, c/o a new petition that surfaced online today, which Snoop is all for:

ICYMI, Snoop Dawg has been honing his skills as a narrator via his very own nature segment, Plizzanet Earth, on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. It's even been described by critics around the world as "the greatest nature program ever."* See for yourself:

What he lacks in David Attenborough's voice, Snoop definitely makes up for in comedic relief, an ~extensive~ knowledge of animals, and a wealth of experience in the 420 arena — meaning he would be able relate to 99.9% of those tuning in. Also, let's not forget that weird moment in history when old dawgy dawg was reincarnated as Snoop Lion. He's clearly the man for the job.

*100% non-serious claim made by the Plizzanet Earth YouTube blurb. 

Photo: Tumblr

Madeleine Woon