Mar 03, 2016 9:35AM

Sorry Heartstrings: The 'Finding Dory' Trailer Is Out

Just keep swimming.

The most feel-inducing movie in the entire history of film is getting a sequel, some 13 years after the OG filled our lives to the brim with emotions. Ellen DeGeneres, aka ur gal Dory, dropped the cute AF Finding Dory trailer overnight and it's already got a sly 40K hits on YouTube, probably mostly from fully grown adults. Zero shame. 

Judging from the trailer, the premise for the new film is pretty much exactly the same as the first one. 'Cause you know how it goes: you find one fish and then another goes rogue. Despite her severe forgetfulness, Dory somehow remembers she has a family out there in the big blue, and sets off to find them, only to (shock!) get lost along the way. See for yourself below:

If the Dory hunt is anything like Nemo's, we're going to go right ahead and bulk order tissues for June 17 when it hits the big screen. In the meantime, take five hot little minutes out of your day to take a look back on all the best moments from the original with us: 

Dory speaking fluent whale, prompting us to speak whale everytime we were near a large body of water (for more years than we care to admit). 

If we weren't already singing this:

Dory was adorbs always. Especially with Squishy!

But she also knew when to sass. 

There was also the most relatable sea creature ever.

If not a little bit too Bondi bro at times. 

It taught us about the oceanic food chain. 

And friendship. 

Gave us the nicest school of fish ever. Also, the naysayer Marlin impression is sah on-point.

Reminded us how complicated/confusing feelings can be.


If you still have any doubt in your mind that Dory should be leading lady, you might need to re-live the below:
PS: Kaitlin Olson from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia lends her voice as an over-enthusiastic whale shark. Plot-twist: it turns out she wasn't really a bird the whole time. 

Photos and GIFs: Tumblr 

Madeleine Woon