May 04, 2015 11:51AM

Splendour Selects: Palma Violets' Dream Rider Incl. Mariah Carey

Also recommends Berocca and mixed nuts #health.

Splendour In The Grass is coming, and in the lead up to the big event we will be talking to select acts about all things festival. First up is Alexander "Chilli" Jesson from UK indie-rock band Palma Violets, who says yes to Mariah Carey and Berocca and no to selfie sticks and impractical shoes.

Lucy Jones: Hey! So you guys are coming out for Splendour so I'm just going to hit you with a bunch of festival-related questions.
Chilli: OK, good.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at Splendour and why?
Who's playing Splendour?

Blur, Earl Sweatshirt, lots of others!
I'd be really excited to see if Blur have still got it or not, there's been a lot of talk of them having it again seeing as they've got Graham Cox back in. So they're meant to be the original Blur, I'm excited to see that, but if not then I'm gonna throw some fruit at them. Earl Sweatshirt obviously, I'm a big fan of his. I like the way he has our generation so captivated. Apart from that, the last time we were there we saw this band that did musical covers, a big orchestra, and they ended up closing with 'Rape Me' which I thought was quite good.

Is there anything you're hoping to do while you're in Byron?
For one, bring proper shoes. Last time we all thought it was going to be sunny we gave into the stereotype that Australia's hot all year round, especially in the tropics.

What would be in you festival survival kit? 
Sleeping pills, you know those little Berocca things, the vitamin c tablets?

Oh yeah.
They're pretty good for the morning, they're a solid shout.

You can get ones that come in the bottle now. 
Really, are they any good?

Yeah, apparently.
I think you've got to keep it in the tablets because then they can go in any drink — they don't just have to go in the water. But that, Jaffa cakes and a bit of hash, if you can say that, a bit of hash would be nice.

So that leads into my next question, what is the ultimate festival snack?
Definitely has to be mixed nuts and raisins. Definitely. Staple.

Yes, healthy. What song or songs would make it onto your road trip playlist?
Well, every time we do a gig, we'll always have a support band and they'll have a CD, so it changes every time. It's always the support band and their EP or album or single.

So it will be the Vaccines. 
Yep, I just found out now, but yep very good.

What's the most overrated thing about festivals?
Sometimes the headliners, you know? People go for the headliners [but] it's always about the bands you have no idea about, the fresh talent that you get blown away by walking past a tent. So the most overrated thing definitely has to be the big bands, the bands like Blur [laughs].

What do you think should be banned at festivals?
Well, if anyone pulls out a selfie stick at Splendour they'll get slapped, honest to god, they'll get slapped around the face. Those things have to go. It's an easy one to do but it's a disease which needs to be stopped quickly. It can't be allowed to spread.

They've invented this thing called the selfie shoe now.

Where you can put your phone in your shoe and you just put your leg in the air.
Gah. What? That seems really pervy if you put it in your shoe, that's a pervert's weapon.

I know! They haven't thought this through. What's your worst festival memory?
At the end of the night at Glastonbury, it was all muddy and I was walking up this hill, and this really drunk guy came and tackled me and knocked me over flat. I got covered in mud, it was freezing cold and we were about two miles away from our tent. It was upsetting to be honest.

And the best?
The best memory was watching that happen to someone else an hour later.

What would be on your dream rider?
Mariah Carey. She'd hang out backstage with us and sing a few songs.

Would she come on stage?
No, no, no she wouldn't be allowed. She'd love that so she's purely for backstage.

How do you think the vibe of Australian festivals differs from other festivals?
Splendour's pretty spot on in terms of other European festivals.

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