Oct 07, 2011 12:00AM

Stream Bj

Brace yourself for the 'Virus' app.

There's no denying that Bjork is one inventive lady. She's collaborated with the likes of Alexander McQueen and Jeremy Scott, has a penchant for pom-pom head accouterments and isn't one to shy away from wearing a swan dress to the Oscars. That's as well as being an iconoclastic vocalist making amazing, albeit weird, music.

Case in point: her latest album, Biophila. For this album, Bjork invented her own instruments. There's the gameleste - a fusion of gamelan and celeste (duh) - and it's what makes that persistent twinkly sound that you hear on the lead single, 'Crystalline'. Bjork's also turned her hand to a more modern hardware; certain sounds were created, and tracks recorded, using an iPad.

Bjork must have taken a liking to the device, because the album will be conceived as an iPad app. Apparently there will be 10 different apps, each corresponding to a different track on the album, and housed within a single "mother" app designed by interactive artist Scott Snibbe. The app for the track 'Virus' is a game in which you have to stop a virus from destroying cells. 'Mutual Core' involves arranging geological layers to play chords, while 'Hollow' enables users to build drum machines from DNA bases.

We're kind of confused (but definitely excited!) about the app-album. In the mean time we're enjoying listening to the album thanks to NRP; you can now stream it online in its entirety. Biophilia will be released officially - apps and all - on October 10.