Sep 18, 2014 12:21PM

Submit Your Banal Detrius To Nick Cave's Online Musuem

Random ephemera that kind of means something to you, wanted.
Attn: Hoarders of useless yet kind-of-meaningful (to you) crap — Australian legend Nick Cave wants it. Your childhood Land Before Time mug from Pizza Hut, that ticket stub from your first ever concert — Nick wants it all for his new online museum, dedicated to "humble signifiers of huge significance." Made in conjunction with the documentary film based around the living king of Australian Gothic, 20,000 Days On Earth, the project is excepting submissions from anyone deemed worthy. Submissions will then be curated by Cave himself, along with filmmakers Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard.
The Museum of Important Shit as it's officially known, has been explained by Cave, who says "I've been a great collector of stuff from the start, you know, as a child, with my marbles and bits of string in my pocket. To this day, I keep the writing and photographs and the random ephemera, that over time, unexpectedly, collects meaning and significance... That stuff can unexpectedly reduce you to tears, because unexpected memory has that capacity. We all do it, I suppose, collect stuff, we all have our totems and touchstones that anchor us to our past. Stupid shit, in a way, but important shit." You heard the man — now give him your shit
The idea came about after Nick told Iain and Jane about the time he and bandmate Warren Ellis met Nina Simone. She sat down at the piano to play, took out her gum, and instantly transformed. Ellis pockted the gum, naturally. Nick's own submissions include the card with a saint on it and a Kylie Minogue bag he bought in Manchester while not quite sober.