Dec 09, 2016 2:57PM

Astrologist Susan Miller Chats The Future Of Humankind With Daughter Chrissie For Oyster #109

In the zone.

It you're up to date with all things celestial you'll be very familiar with the voice of Susan Miller. The wisest women sat down with her daughter Chrissie for Oyster #109 to talk relationships, the internet and what's on the cards for the next 2500 years. 

Astrologist Susan Miller, of cult website Astrologyzone, and her daughter, the creative director and filmmaker Chrissie Miller, in conversation about Susan's vision of the future according to planetary possibilities.

Susan Miller: Artificial intelligence is taking over and this is a perfect expression of the Aquarian Age, where we have to put controls in because Watson is learning to make decisions without humans.
Chrissie Miller: Who's Watson?
SM: Oh! The computer by IBM.
CM: OK… Are we in the Aquarian Age right now? Let's start with that.
SM: No. We just came out of the Age of Pisces, where the cathedrals were built — the age of Christianity…
CM: How long was that span?
SM: Each span is between 2000 and 2500 years.
CM: Oh my goodness! What do you mean by Pisces… What year [did it end]?
SM: Well, there is no definite date, but I feel the minute Sputnik went up was the beginning of this.
CM: What's Sputnik?
SM: Oh, you don't know? That was the first satellite ever to go up into space, by the Russians in the 1950s.
CM: In the 70s when they sang about the Age of Aquarius — what did that mean?
SM: It just meant that we were in the Age of Aquarius. Now, what is Aquarius about? It's about brotherhood, friendship, networking…
CM: Technology.
SM: Technology… but also lowering your ego for the good of the group. Now we are in it — I mean, there's no doubt we are in it now.
CM: But that doesn't seem to be happening in our world.
SM: Yeah that's funny, with the selfies! The millennials are very self-absorbed.
CM: Is there an explanation for that?
SM: Well, it's the axis… The other axis, at 180 degrees, is Leo, and when you have something opposite it bounces energy back and forth.
CM: So Leo is the polar opposite…
SM: Of Aquarius. So [when it comes to relationships] the whole question is: is it friendship? Is it love? Should I marry and give up some of my individuality or should I stay single and do what I want? There is a downside to both sides.
CM: How long are we going to be in Aquarius?
SM: Another 2000 years.
CM: Is there anything besides relationships that defines where we are as a society?
SM: Well, it's good and bad. We're all connected now and it's very democratic. Aquarius is about being democratic — all even, for everybody. So for example, in the past people had trouble getting published. Now you can just publish yourself, put it on the internet. They are even talking about not having handwriting taught in schools. But if there is anything we have learned in the past six months, it's that email is the most public thing you could possibly write.
CM: Right.
SM: I mean, if you don't want it on the front page of the New York Times, you have no business writing an email, which means paper and pen is coming back.
CM: But can't you just scan it or take a picture of it? You think if Hillary wrote 30,000 letters they wouldn't figure out a way to get them on the internet?
SM: No but Chrissie, everything has to be on the telephone. It's much easier if you put it in an email. The millennials don't like to use telephones, but telephones are a lot safer than emails.
CM: What really interests me is how people meet each other today.
SM: Well they are meeting each other online now, but the problem is there's always a downside. When you look at dating sites it's become like a job interview. You can tell the computer your income, age, geographic location — things that would have taken seven dates to find out about each other. Now you have a dossier, a resumé — and Aquarius is a very cruel sign. Aquarius is not known for its emotion at all.
CM: Oh!
SM: It's a sign that wants to be alone. [It's ruled by] Uranus, the planet by itself. And it doesn't want to be traditional.
CM: Yeah, the [younger generation] is more isolated.
SM: The internet has made us more connected, but we are also more isolated than we ever were.
CM: So when you are writing Astrologyzone, what are you looking for specifically for that month? Like love, for example…
SM: I am looking for trends, important trends. I have to look at the ruler of the house of love. If it's fighting with another planet then I go to Venus and see if there is anything happening there, or Mars.
CM: So when you say, "You should go out on this day because it is a good time for love…"
SM: Or, "Jupiter will make you very magnetic"? Well, I am looking for specific aspects, and it's complicated. It's not one size fits all and it's not cookie cutter. I have to keep changing for the person I'm looking at.
CM: The other thing that I tell everyone about astrology is that it's not destiny. It's opportunity.
SM: Yes.
CM: So, if I ever were to write a relationship book, it would be called If You Stay Home on The Couch, You're Not Going to Meet Him. [Laughs]
SM: [Laughs] Nothing will happen — nothing!
CM: Because you taught me that you could have the best aspects in the world for love or for work or whatever but if you don't leave your house it's not going to happen.
SM: My producers keep asking me about the election. I have no idea who's going to win. I did say on Fox, though, that because Donald Trump has Saturn the Great Teacher conjunct Venus, which rules women, women would be the only thing that could possibly bring him down.
CM: Well, hopefully it will be one woman that takes him down! [Laughs]

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