Jul 04, 2016 2:04PM

Sydney Collective Pelvis Makes Chill Clothes For Dance Freaks

Whatever feels good.

Sydney dance specialists Pelvis have been making moves in the streetwear department for a minute now. Their sell out long sleeve t-shirts and sick prints are just one facet of the Pelvis ~lifestyle~ which covers all your dance freak needs.

Starting out as a DJ collective, the lads and ladies have become synonymous with some of Sydney's vibiest nights; they produce mad mixes and trippy visuals via their Soundcloud and YouTube channels, as well as the sick fashions you see before you. Their latest range DF2 (Dance Freak 2) incorporates fresh embroidery, Pokemon prints and rave cherries with everyone's favourite things to wear — hoodies, t-shirts and jackets, duh. 

The DF2 collection drops this week, so here's Pelvis guy Elliot Shields with an update on the who, what and why of Pelvis. 

Can you describe the vibe of Pelvis in a sentence?
It's always moving, changing shape.

How did you guys first get into the clothing side of things?
Some of our posters got us into trouble, clothing was the best way to make life even harder for ourselves.

What five things define the Dance Freak way of life?
1. Smoke Fluid 
2. NRG
3. Roland®
4. Sensible footwear
5. Ask

If this collection was a food:
It's more a fluid.

If this collection was a YouTube video:
If this collection was a song:
Who is Pelvis?
Pelvis is a collection of people, ever expanding and contracting depending on who is in the group thread at the moment.

What's the loosest thing you've ever done/witnessed?
A leashed man naked on all fours, covered in dirt, licking a discarded ice cream cup from the floor of a nightclub in the daytime.

What was the inspo behind the DF2 prints?
DF2 was about an energy rather than direct inspiration. Whatever feels good!

Dream party scenario?
Something like this:

Best thing on the internet?
YouTube! E.g. Pavarotti Whistling at 11:49:
Raul Ruiz Movies:

This set design and Pelvis TV :)

Words to live by:
Ask your body.

Shop the DF2 collection right here from midday on Wednesday July 4. 

Photography: Jesse Lizotte

Lucy Jones