Feb 07, 2014 10:41AM

Tavi Gevinson's Signed A Book Deal

Oh hey, Rookie Yearbook 3 & 4.
Pint-sized Goddess of all that is good, intelligent and fan-girly, Tavi Gevinson has been at the helm of two glorious editions of Rookie Yearbook now. The retrospective IRL editions of the best content on Rookie online have previously featured work from gals like Judy Blume, Grimes and Lena Dunham, thanks to some hustling from the website's founder and editor-in-chief. There's plenty more hustling where that came from though, with the Los Angeles Times reporting that Tavi's just signed a book deal for volumes three and four of the books that make us really wish there was something that rad around when we were 16. 
The next two yearbooks will be published through Razorbill, a subsidiary of Penguin Random House who acquired the rights through a "competitive auction." The new issues will feature exclusive content from super famous contributors. As Tavi told The Times, "One thing I'm very proud of is that Rookie has a lot of legitimacy in publishing and music journalism and fashion," adding "As it's grown, the goal has become more to make people feel included, that they're cool enough or smart enough." Razorbill editor Jessica Almon, echoed Tavi's sentiment, being all, "It's inspiring to see a publication so chock-full of strong female voices. The hope is that this partnership will create new and exciting opportunities for those voices to be heard." Yay!
Photos: Bethany Mollenkof