May 02, 2014 5:16PM

The Artists Of 'What Are You Doing After This' Exhibition

Neckface, Alex Olson, Fuck This Life & more shot by Gibson Fox.
It's launching tonight (get down there!) and it features a host of NYC and LA artists working across film, photography, scultpture, painting and mixed media — it's the What Are You Doing After This exhibition at RVCA in Sydney. The only theme connnecting the work is the IRL tight knit friendships of the artists that make up the group, the work they produce and the fact that they are all legends. 
Photographer Gibson Fox shot the group of artists, including Neckface and Alex Olson, especially for Oyster. Meet them in the gallery above and make sure you check out the exhibition before it closes on 31 May 2014. 
Photography: Gibson Fox @ FEELTHEFUTURE
Special thanks to Jeff Potocar and SUPPLY STORE