Jun 01, 2016 5:48PM

The Aussie Models Who Ruled Louis Vuitton's Outta This World Resort 2017 Show

Feat. sporty/arty life uniforms from the future.

Louis Vuitton put on pretty spectacular Cruise 2017 presentation in Rio this week with a little help from a couple of local legends. Our pals Fernanada LyHannah Elyse and Julia Nobis joined the line-up of human angels who repped Nicolas Ghesquière's sporty/arty life uniforms from the future on the runway. 

The presentation took place in an actual flying saucer, aka Niterói Contemporary Art Museum, which will house the 2016 Olympics in a few months time. The overall vibe was: "space age art mom" with tough leather, sneaky cut-outs and windbreakers adding 'tude, and some Rio-inspired ruffles and tropical colours thrown in for good measure.

"The idea for this collection was a fusion of this tropical, natural quality that is all around us in Rio and the urban element," Nicolas told WWD. "The scenery can be very dramatic but there is also softness."

That's all well and good Nick but our definite highlight was seeing homegrown hunnies Fernanda, Hannah and Julia kill it on the runway. On ya, ladies!

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Lucy Jones