Oct 13, 2015 1:14PM

The Australian Government Is Watching Your Data As Of Today

Abort! Abort!

Uh oh, the Australian Government's data retention laws are here so you better be prepared to get hella tech savvy or GTF off all forms of media. Jks, unless you're a criminal, you probably don't have anything to worry about. But as of today, telcos and ISPs will be required to retain metadata on their users for at least the next two years. This data will be available to law enforcement as a form of evidence in popo searches for terrorists and criminals. 

This means that all web activity will be monitered and, depending on your service provider, your call and text locations, times, contacts and durations can be accessed without a warrant. This all sounds pretty crazy, but the good news is that recent reports have revealed that most internet service providers aren't actually ready to start storing this data. 

Those who are pro data retention argue that the only information stored will be site address and dwell time, or who you messaged and what time you messaged them. But critics say it's much more sinister than that, pointing to law enforcement's ability to access downloads and uploads that provide GPS information, as well as the potential for said data to be hacked and used for dodgy stuff.

Either way, it's time to get your head around encrypted messaging, VPNs and Tor. Good luck out there!

Photo: Tumblr

Lucy Jones