Feb 28, 2017 8:56AM

The Best/Worst Moments Of The Oscars, And The Memes That Won Everything

Does Nicole Kidman know how to clap?
ICYMI: The Oscars punk'd La La Land with a win for Best Picture and, midway through the acceptance speech, handed the whole thing over to Moonlight. Incredible that it took the industry until the final seconds to figure out that a musical film about two white people saving jazz music isn't an actual frontrunner. More incredible that the true frontrunner turned out to be Barry Jenkins' marvellous LGBT coming-of-age.
The internet responded in a typical, swift fashion with some great picture-based lols.
Other highlights from the evening included Chrissy Teigen sleeping through Casey Affleck's acceptance for Best Actor — which he robbed from Denzel IMHO.
Somehow someone convinced someone to have Justin Timberlake kick off the celebrations with this poxy routine:
Iranian director Asghar Farhadi won Best Foreign Language Film for The Salesman. Having boycotted the ceremony because of Trump's 'Muslim Ban', Anousheh Ansari stood and read a powerful statement at his request. "Dividing the world into the 'us' and 'our enemies' categories creates fear. A deceitful justification for aggression and war," he wrote.
Best Documentary went to O.J.: Made in America, and Ezra Edelman dedicated the award to victims of police violence and police brutality.
Jimmy Kimmel did a great job, award-worth even, of shredding Matt Damon all night long.
Congratulations to everyone who made this a night to remember. And a special thanks to Nicole Kidman's clapping hands, which will be hard to forget, mostly because the image has been seared onto my retinas and are now above 'swooping birds' on my fears list.
Photos: Twitter

Hayley Morgan