Oct 30, 2015 1:20PM

The 'Buffy' Big Bads That'll Cure All Your Halloween Costume Woes

Welcome to Sunnydale.

As if we wouldn't use the most costume-friendly time of year as an excuse to talk about what's definitively the best TV show of all time. We don't even know where to begin with the masterpiece that gave us a million Buffy-isms, our #forever love Spike and all of the baddest bad guys.

The chosen one and the scoobies had to face a LOT of gnarly stuff over seven spectacular seasons during which Buffy died, like, 17 times. The show also managed to pull off some supremely whacky plot lines like that time Angel LOST HIS SOUL ON A FLOPPY DISK or that time Buffy's "sister" Dawn was actually a ball of energy that locked/unlocked dimensions.

The big bads were equally as ~complex~ as the Scooby Gang themselves and this Halloween we're getting all our inspo from the dark side. Cold blooded and oft charming, these guys will help you totally slay the costume game during this year's freak-ay festivities.

1. Faith
One of two slayers that came onto the scene while Buffy was momentarily dead was bangin' bad gal Faith. The queen of stank face, all-leather looks and tribal tats is a definite Halloween vibe to consider this year.

Shout out to the mayor who was Faith's surrogate father/immortal daemon/resident dad-joke maker.

2. Spike
Be still my beating heart! It's the flyest vamp of all time: the one, the only — Spike. If you were more of an Angel lover can you please navigate away from this article and go have a long hard look at yourself. Spike was funny, cute, rly norty; basically the perfect actual angel that we always wanted our girl Buffy to end up with. He also usually wore the exact same classic all-black outfit, which makes your job very easy. A black t-shirt, black jeans, black belt, black boots, long black leather duster and a slick bleached 'do are all you need to ~get the look~. Throw in a pallid face and an unbuttoned red shirt for peak Spike.

Lucy Jones