Mar 30, 2017 3:33PM

The 'Buffy' Cast Reunite For Goth Photoshoot

Welcome to the Black Parade.

The Sunndydale Class of 1999 just reunited for the photoshoot of your emo dreams. The Scooby Gang — Buffy, Zander, Willow, Oz, Anya and Cordie — were joined by Buffy's mum Joyce, Dawn, Angel, Wes, and Joss Whedon himself, in a foggy graveyard set. The ultimate #tbt was arranged by the guys at Entertainment Weekly to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the greatest television show of all time.

You guys haven't changed a bit!

In the photoshoot, Buffy wears the year 10 formal dress you relentlessly begged your mum for (still need this, mum!), Angel is still staunch, Willow is still magic and Spike is still Spike.

We also have Wes resting his head on a bookshelf like the kook that he is, Cordelia being a grown ass popular girl, and hottest teacher Giles appearing only in the form of a painting. Devo.

And finally, the relationship of Buffy and Spike getting the recognition it deserves. Bye, Angel, bye.


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But also, this is possibly the cutest photo ever taken:

Thanks for the mems, guys!

Photos: @entertainmentweekly, @sarahmgeller, @michelletrachtenberg

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