Apr 27, 2015 3:32PM

The Dark Side Of Wes Anderson [Watch]

Not so whimsical.

When you think of a Wes Anderson film, you probably think about how beautiful and whimsical his worlds are: from his symmetrical framing to the consistently amazing music he selects to soundtrack his films. It's all so twee we could puke. Except when it's not.

Like — spoiler alert — remember when the dog dies in Moonrise Kingdom? That was heartbreaking. Or when Richie tries to commit suicide in The Royal Tenenbaums? Or the severed head in the laundry basket in The Grand Budapest Hotel? Plus, there are so many shoot-outs.

Smart person Dávid Velenczei has created a supercut that brings all these instances together, demonstrating that although Wes Anderson's movies give an overall impression of sweetness, it might actually be these moments of unexpected violence that save them from being sappy. Watch the cut below to see Wes Anderson's darkest moments. 

GIFS: Tumblr

Nadia Bailey