Dec 14, 2016 1:59PM

The Future President Of The US Meets The Future President Of The US To Discuss "Multicultural Issues"

The Earth is definitely doomed.

In a cruel twist of fate, Kanye and Trump met up this week to discuss politics. *Builds doomsday bunker.* Kanye has been spruiking Trump hard during his Saint Pablo performances and finally had the chance to sit down with his political hero. When footage emerged from their meeting, the internet freaked out over all the cooked stuff that they could've been chatting about. Was Trump about to hire Kanye? Is the world as we know it actually coming to an end?

The newly blonde bb has taken to Twitter to clarify what this great meeting of the minds was about. Apparently he and Donald were discussing "multicultural issues", "modernising curriculums" and "#2024", which presumably means Kanye would like Trump to run for two terms before he has a crack at the presidency.

Photo & GIF: Twitter, Tumblr

Lucy Jones