Dec 15, 2015 7:42AM

The Instagram Accounts That Will Up Your Nail Game

Nailing it.

New year, new you, yeah? Well, start with your fingernails because, let's face it, you've been sporting chipped little mitts for weeks now. Plus there's all that time over the summer holidays that's best used avoiding life admin, and treating yo' self instead. So here's a couple of Instagram accounts worth bookmarking before your next mani appointment.

1. @aliciatnails 


A photo posted by Alicia Torello (@aliciatnails) on


Alicia Torello is a pro manicurist who is so good at minimal graphic tips. Little gold rings around the middle of the nail is her signature move. V special.

2. @jessicawashick 


A photo posted by Jessica Washick (@jessicawashick) on


Jessica Washick is so good even Kylie Jenner is writing blog posts about her bacon and eggs nail art. Famous! But seriously, how fresh is this Nike situation

3. @britneytokyo 


A photo posted by Britney TOKYO (@britneytokyo) on


This babe creates nails that are borderline not functional. It's great. Everything from 3D gummi bears to emojis, fast food, and these hectic flame fingers.

4. @paintboxnails 


A photo posted by Paintbox (@paintboxnails) on


These guys are the champions of nail ~aesthetics~. They have a really cool and fun feed, and advertising that'll impress Glossier girls. All about that ombre tho. 

5. @ChelseaQueen 


A photo posted by Chelsea King (@chelseaqueen) on


Chelsea King is good a everything (including pug-themed manis), but her shattered glass nail art is a reason to live. She also puts her line work to use in other areas: cookie art. It's too much.

Photo: @ChelseaQueen

Hayley Morgan