Jan 18, 2017 6:23AM

The Internet Delivers Aaliyah / Rihanna Mash-Up 'Work The Boat'

Only girls.
Real deal angel and rnb genius Aaliyah would've been 38 this week and, cos we're not the only ones head over heels for her, there are heaps of dedications flowing on the internet rn. One very pleasing result is the below mash-up, brought to you by producer Amorphous.
Titled 'Work The Boat', the tune — and we mean tuuuune — features the light, minimal beat from Rihanna's 'Work', with Aaliyah's breathy 'Rock The Boat' vocals floating over the top. Not only keeping in tact the tropical holiday sounds of the OG track, but elevating the feel good vibes a lil higher.
Photos: Tumblr

Hayley Morgan