Sep 03, 2015 1:21PM

The Most Meme-Worthy Moments Of 'Kath & Kim'

The joker is meme.

It's been a great dream of ours to make the internet a place where you can Google the phrase, "Nothing goes right!" and a GIF of Sharon Karen Strzelecki missing out on the last Billabong will be the first search result. A masterpiece of modern television, Kath & Kim has given us some of the greatest original phrases of the 21st century. 

Today, we are taking a small step towards a Kath & Kim-dominated internet utopia by paying homage to some of the shows most quotable and most beautiful lesser-known one-liners. This one's for all of you who pronounce muesli "mooseli" and only smoke ciggies with a dishwashing glove on.

"Nothing goes right!"
One of many times that Sharon missed out on the last ice cream, little boy (aka footy frank) or packet of Lays. 

"Better get cracking on some of those important projects of mine."
From that episode when Kel strived to be a domestic goddess, leaving Kath with not a whole lot to do. This culminated in a huge fight with Kath storming out of the house and locking herself in the car. 

"Two dead sticks." 

"I went insane in Sanity!"
This fantastic quote comes from an episode where Kath and Kel go on holiday to the airport. Other highlights of their trip include trying to sneak into the Qantas lounge with a Video Ezy membership card and shopping a "uge range of coogis" (translation: wide range of textural knitted sweaters).

"Can I run something up your flagpole?"

"Get out of my house!"
Deal breaker. 

"Does it make me a crim to keep myself trim?"
When Kath turned Kimmy's old bedroom into a gym becuase she's all about keeping that hot bod in shape. 

"I look around the room today and see people I barely know and I think: Wow, that's beautiful!"

You complete me.




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Photos and GIFs: Tumblr

Lucy Jones