Sep 09, 2015 4:36PM

The One: Christian Dior Vintage Camouflage Jacket

Mission possible.

This badass Christian Dior vintage camouflage jacket is The One that we currently want to own/hold/serenade. The field-ready jacket of many different blues reminds us of tough gals like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and no-so-tough girls like Paris and Nicole (though both would wear it equally well).

The camo bb would be perfectly at home on your next weekend getaway mission or Friday evening spent sipping Blue Lagoons. Get in it now, via OhLike!

Looks like: A socialite off-duty.


Feels like: Tough gal G.I. Jane.

Smells like: A night at the Viper Room.

Tastes like: A Blue Lagoon.


Sounds like:

Photos and GIFs: Courtesy and Tumblr