Dec 02, 2016 4:45PM

The One: Havaianas x We Are Handsome

Totally wild!

Okay, so we've technically broken the rules here by naming not one but two desirable items as 'The One' but Havaianas x We Are Handsome's thong babies were too good to resist! The iconic Aussie labels have collaborated on two pairs of Havaianas to up your beach game this summer. There's the très tropical 'Dalliance', complete with palm leaves and calming blues, and the more fierce 'Xerxes' which features a cute little lion hiding in the forest. We analysed the vibes of their creations and then chatted to We Are Handsome designer Jeremy Somers about the chillaxed collab. 

Feels like: Serenity

Smells like: A frangipani positioned strategially behind your ear.

Tastes like: A freshly cracked can of Passiona.

Sounds like: Really deep forest.

Lucy Jones: Can you describe the vibe of the We Are Handsome x Havaianas collab in a sentence?
Jeremy Somers: Never ending summer.

How did you guys come to work with the label?
It's been on our collaboration bucket list since day one, and we've been courting them for years. We had discussed it a few times over the past few years and were waiting for the right time to press go.

Do you remember what your first pair of Havaianas were?
Of course! They lasted me through two puppies (sufficiently chewed), travelled through more than 15 countries, countless beaches and even a few jungle hikes. At some point I replaced the strap with one from a different coloured pair. They have a long history, and are still going strong.

What's the most Aussie thing about you?
My love of the ocean and having to be near the beach.

What's your idea of utopia?
A quiet island with very few people, a whole bunch of dogs and palm trees hanging over the water.

Did you guys have a mood board when designing, if so what was on it?
Always! Imagery of our favourite summer spots — idyllic islands, pics from our travels, all summer images to evoke the spirit of the brands.

Best way to spend a summer day?
A swim as early as possible. As the sun comes up if possible; it's all uphill from there.

If they were a song:

If they were a meal:
Fresh fruit salad with yoghurt and granola.

Best thing on the internet?

Words to live by:
The quality of your life is measured by the quality of the questions you ask yourself.

Head here to shop the Havaianas x We Are Handsome collab. 

Photos & GIFS: Tumblr, Courtesy

Lucy Jones