May 07, 2014 2:47PM

The Real Doge Is Now On Vine

Much video. So wow.

It's a rare and beautiful day when a meme blossoms into something so beyond its original image, that it confuses our IRL selves, collapsing the digital walls around us. Today is such a day! The OG Doge (actually named Kabosu, not that anyone cares) has broken out of her still-image cage and emerged as a beautiful, moving butterfly on Vine.

All together now: WOW. Want to see how Doge reacts to an origami swan being placed delicately atop her furry cranium?

How about watching Doge on a shopping spree?

What does Doge like to drink?

Feel the need to know a bit more about Doge's housemate and what they do on a quiet night at home?

These answers and more can be found on Doge's Vine! Such observe. So video. Another huge milestone for memes, mankind and the Shibu Inu breed.