Feb 13, 2014 10:42AM

The Shoshi Games: Girls Meets The Winter Olympics

Good one, internet.

Take a thing. Work in another completely un-allied thing. Utilise some wordplay. Visually represent them as one cohesive whole. And there you have it: stunning internet humour with hi-meme potential.

As users of the peripherally-governed internet are wont to do, i.e. whatever the fuck they want — there is now a Tumblr that hybrids the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics with Shoshana from zeitgeist-repping and totally #relatable show Girls. The ever-earnest character — she of gratuitous, incessant, often vapid but occasionally profound stream of conscious utterances — has been reincarnated as a multi-disciplinary sportswoman, navigating the ice and snow in the full spectrum of sports served up by The Sochi Games. 

Aptly titled The Shoshi Games, the blog's content is very humorous outside of the initial pun factor because good grief, this girl makes some interesting faces. Mostly they're perplexed or fearful, with a common thread of wholly uncomfortable. The result? An incredibly gauche looking athlete. Observe: 

We're like, literally OMGing at her expansive skill set. Shoshana FTW.