Aug 19, 2010 12:00AM

The Tanners take America

Ahh, the American dream. It's an elusive one, and if you can't replicate your own little slice of Brady Bunch-esque bliss, the next best option is to live it vicariously. For the true flavour of an all-American family, we love Tanner America, a blog by the questionable parental unit that is Allison and Rob Tanner.

A diary of their domestic adventures, visit Tanner America to live the American dream secondhand through photographs of their wholesome Summer holidays, charming brood of well-behaved children, enviable home renovations and unconventional hobbies (we have a feeling Allison's "banana balance" could take off!).

The Tanner's musical tribute to their new hardwood floor has us wallowing in the shame of our shabby carpeting.

Images and video via Tanner America

Written by Lillian McKnight