Oct 28, 2014 2:40PM

Jamie XX Is Looking For A Vocalist For His Solo Album — And The XX's New Album Is Coming Soon!


It's time for some cool updates on The xx. Here are some things we learned recently from an interview with Jamie xx in The Fader, which you can read here.

  • They have a new album that's coming soon, but the songs aren't finished yet. "We've got quite a lot of songs that are not finished, but I'm excited about it ... It feels a lot more free than when we were making the last record." 
  • Jamie xx likes vinyl records. He says it has been a "massive influence" on him, because he gets to listen to lots of different music genres. 
  • He has been hanging at home lately. "I think the most inspiring thing, really, is just not being anywhere crazy and just being at home."
  • Jamie xx is making a solo record, too. 
  • He is looking for a vocalist for that record. He said: "There's one track where I need to get the vocal on, but I don't know who the vocalist is going to be yet." Could it be you??? Probs not, hey. 

Tina Summers