Feb 17, 2016 12:43PM

This Is The Uniform Serves Up Socially Aware Fast Fashion @ NYFW

Supersize dat.

London-based designer Jenna Young of This Is The Uniform delivers a socially conscious and super-slick FW16 collection for NYFW at MADE's Milk Studios show. The label takes the concept of fast fashion and applies it literally to its designs — putting a spotlight on consumption, wastefulness and ignorance.

"The collection is called 'No Frills' and it is based on the birth of the own brand supermarket ranges that happened in the 90s," explains Jenna. "These types of products signified a shift in the way that we shopped and consumed, and this was fast food, but fast food led to fast fashion. I'm interested in the way that people consume and buy, the way that they want and need, and the aesthetics that accompany that. 'No Frills' was a symbol, a marker of status, and not necessarily a positive one — it was cheap, basic and devoid of any excess. It was the sign of the working class and it was all around as I was growing up."

Jenna brings this theme to life through cheap jersey materials, woven "shopping bag" detailing and a McDonalds palette of yellow and red, upholding the brand's tradition of taking familiar, everyday ideas and applying them conceptually to garments. 

The label also seeks to question standards of uniformity in a non-literal way: 

"Uniforms are all around us — our brand name is not necessarily referential to uniforms as they are stereotypically recognised," Jenna said, "It is more about the way in which people describe and create themselves, how they join together and separate from each other, and how this forms a cultural and social uniform which is evident in the everyday." 

Photography: Natalia Mantini for MADE
Shot on location at Milk Studios

Ava Nirui