Jan 29, 2015 9:11AM

This Sick Beat™ Belongs To Taylor Swift

Hands off.

Nice girl Taylor Swift has decided to start trademarking things and one of those things is the phrase "This sick beat". You might recognise the phrase from its use in the Taylor Swift song, 'Shake It Off'. You might also recognise it as the last phrase you'd ever use to describe Taylor Swift's music. Do you even know what a bass drop is Tay?

So basically if you were planning on buying your signifigant other a wind chime emblazoned with the words "This sick beat" for Valentine's Day, you'll have to wait until Taylor releases her own line of wind chimes because it's illegal for any other wind chime retailer to sell such a product. 

Taylor's also trademarked the phrases "Party like it's 1989," "Cause we never go out of style," "Could show you incredible things," "Nice to meet you. Where you been?" and her initials.

She already has cool friends like Karlie Kloss and Lorde and Jaime King do you really need to own the words "nice to meet you" as well?

This practice of trademarking phrases in this way is standard among entertainers and prevents people from making money off their work or likeness. Items Taylor has applied to have her words trademarked for include inflatable pool toys, soap, bean bags, Christmas tree ornaments and, yes, wind chimes.

You could be getting down to this sick beat tho. 

Photos: @taylorswift

Lucy Jones