Nov 12, 2015 11:17AM

Toddler's Failed Tantrum Wins Cutest Thing On The Internet [Watch]


Today's nugget of internet gold is brought to you by Tiny Gentle Asian*, Yeseo Park. The QT stars in a glorious 46-second video in which her attempted tantrum is thwarted by some adorable/annoying shoes. Press play and prepare to NOT EVEN DEAL.
Yeso and her sister Yerin are both already totally internet famous thanks to their dad's constant stream of cute AF videos. Some highlights include:

'Monday Morning', that's got us all: SAME. 

'Happy For No Reason'

And 'Wow it's mum, but I'm sleepy', which will definitely induce an immediate heart-melt.
*Tiny Gentle Asian is a term invented by girl-genius Melissa Kenny who spends her days sharing images of new, small, lovely and loveable Asians. If you're not following her Instagram account we suggest you reconsider your WHOLE LIFE. Godspeed, Mel.

Lucy Jones