Jul 01, 2010 12:00AM

Tonight's Pick Me Up

In a move that puts the humble email to shame, Karl Meier and Craig Redman spent a year communicating through visual art. The two friends in life and design once lived and worked in each other's pockets. Now separated by a 20-hour flight, the two have not let the tyranny of distance get the better of them. Trading bright visual quips and commentary on their lives, Meier and Redman have brought an all new meaning to the idea of staying in touch. The result is PICK ME UP, an exhibition of fourteen works opening tonight from 6.00pm at Monster Children Gallery.

The exhibition offers a glimpse into the everyday lives and friendship of New York-based Redman and Sydney-based Maier. Both members of design collective Rinzen, the works are punchy pick-me-ups laden with double-entendre and visual puns on worlds distant but strangely similar. PICK ME UP is a conversation that you'll be eager to join.

PICK ME UP runs at Monster Children Gallery from July 1st at 6pm and continues until July 16th.